Big Book of Weld: Part 2

Sometimes you just have to revisit the past. So here’s a look at a somewhat carefully curated collection of stories from back when I was the editor of Weld: Birmingham’s Newspaper, which for the first few years was just called Weld for Birmingham. For five years, our scrappy little staff created carefully reported enterprise and investigative journalism while turning an alt-weekly into a chronicle for everyone in what was then Alabama’s largest city. Good times.

Although Weld’s URL has been deeded to someone else, I recently uploaded a few of my own stories to Issuu for posterity. I hope you enjoy them!


Have travel products, will blog

For several years I was a travel and features editor at Southern Living magazine, and I still get emails related to travel. Many of those emails are related to new travel products. So it occured to me that maybe it would be good to review some of them for the benefit of the traveling public.

This is a totally faked travel photo. Never been to Paris.

Having decided that, the question was, what to call it. Travel and travel related blogs are everywhere, so I needed a name that wasn’t already taken, and that would properly sum up my criteria – the product needed to have functional value even if you don’t travel. I stumbled across the word “velleity,” which became the name for my new blog.

What does that obscure word mean? Velleity (pronounced veh-LEE-it-ee) means “volition in its weakest form” which sounds iffy. But from my standpoint, it just means, Maybe you want to travel, and maybe you don’t. Either way, this product may be good for you to know about. And besides, you just learned a new word, so YAY!

It is catchy (just keep saying it to yourself, and it’ll be your new favorite earworm) and nobody else had it, so I hope it catches on.  Meanwhile, please check out the first installment:

Let me know what you think.





Barber Motorsports

Recently, I paid a visit to an amazing place: Birmingham’s Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. I was there for a story for Southern Automotive Alliance magazine, and had the privilege of being shown around by the man behind the world’s largest motorcycle museum – George Barber.

Joe De Sciose and George Barber at Barber Motorsports Museum
Photographer Joe De Sciose took the photo of George Barber at Barber Motorsports Museum for the latest issue of Southern Automotive Alliance magazine.

Before I got to explore the world-class race track and park surrounding the museum with  Barber, I was able to spend an afternoon having my mind blown by the astounding collection of motorcycles in his one-of-a-kind facility.  I took a ton of pictures. Most of them did not get used in the magazine story, but I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them in the slideshow here. After you read my story in SAAM, maybe you’ll want to visit the museum yourself. I can promise you that my pictures don’t fully do it justice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The latest issue of Southern Automotive Alliance

PamCoverFor the few who read this blog, a preview of the June-July 2018 issue of the magazine I edit, Southern Automotive Alliance. It’s on Issuu. Hope you enjoy it.

News you might be missing – Friday

The Hechinger Report gives you an illustrated graphic adventure in the land of getting your kid into preschool.

In this edition of NYMBM, how to spot fake news and other journalism questions by ProPublica, Trump administration plans to bring down drug prices from Kaiser Health News, and a colorful adventure in getting your child started in school, courtesy of The Hechinger Report.

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News you might be missing – Friday Edition

pexels-photo-50634.jpegIn this edition of NYMBM, the hidden costs  – to patients and insurers — of those diabetes classes doctors like to prescribe, fact-checking the president’s call to Fox and Friends, and how once-homeless single moms are beating the odds because of a creative social program in Kentucky.

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News you might be missing – late Monday edition

man-person-school-head.jpgIn this edition of NYMBM, stories about those disabled by gun violence, how racial disparities in school discipline are being investigated less under Betsy DeVos, and how – and this will shock some people — many students opting for skilled trades instead four year degrees are making more money and carrying less debt at an earlier age.

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News you might be missing – Friday edition

news-newsletter-newspaper-information-158651.jpegHere is a roundup of news reported by nonprofit journalism agencies, which you might not otherwise see reflected in local coverage. This edition: opioids, apprentices, abuse at a Florida treatment facility, and how the EU and the US are shipping dangerous e-junk to Africa.

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News you might be missing – Monday edition

pexels-photo-97050.jpeg Stories from nonprofit news providers, including a look at the Trump border wall, the nexus between vocational education and advanced placement, and the plight of the sick in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria.

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News you might be missing- Friday edition

pexels-photo-518543.jpegSome good journalism you might not otherwise see.

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