News you might be missing

When I was the editor of a small Birmingham weekly newspaper, I often added content in the print edition from nonprofit news organizations based around the country. My reason:  a lot of well-reported news on important topics just is not getting through to readers these days.

Photo by G. Crescoli on Unsplash

That’s because of the way the news business has changed — the rise of commentary disguised as news, the decline in the number of legitimate news providers, attention deficit and internet-driven changes in reading habits and comprehension, and the increasing skepticism coming from certain highly placed critics who particularly don’t like how their activities are covered.

Anyway, I thought our readers would benefit from exposure to the substantial amount of professional journalism which is out there if you just know where to look. I still think that’s true. So I’m going to try something here — a grassroots experiment in free news aggregation.

The plan is to share links to interesting stories collected from the websites of investigative, enterprise, and other long-form news providers like ProPublica, which covers a wide array of public interest topics, The Hechinger Report which covers education in a particularly thoughtful way, and Kaiser Health News, which keeps watch on medicine, health, and the businesses and policies that drive them. As well as – just because.

Here’s the first edition:

How to spot real fake news/ProPublica

Changing student mindsets leads to success/The Hechinger Report

The fight against nightmare bacteria/Kaiser Health News

Trump wants the death penalty for drug dealers. Will that work?/

I hope you enjoy this news you might otherwise miss. Feel free to tell me what you think.


Author: nickpattersonfreelance

I'm a professional reporter, writer, editor, teacher, storyteller. A former travel and features editor for Southern Living, I started Velleity because people keep offering me travel stuff and you may as well benefit from it.

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