Barber Motorsports

Recently, I paid a visit to an amazing place: Birmingham’s Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. I was there for a story for Southern Automotive Alliance magazine, and had the privilege of being shown around by the man behind the world’s largest motorcycle museum – George Barber.

Joe De Sciose and George Barber at Barber Motorsports Museum
Photographer Joe De Sciose took the photo of George Barber at Barber Motorsports Museum for the latest issue of Southern Automotive Alliance magazine.

Before I got to explore the world-class race track and park surrounding the museum with  Barber, I was able to spend an afternoon having my mind blown by the astounding collection of motorcycles in his one-of-a-kind facility.  I took a ton of pictures. Most of them did not get used in the magazine story, but I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them in the slideshow here. After you read my story in SAAM, maybe you’ll want to visit the museum yourself. I can promise you that my pictures don’t fully do it justice.

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