Have travel products, will blog

For several years I was a travel and features editor at Southern Living magazine, and I still get emails related to travel. Many of those emails are related to new travel products. So it occured to me that maybe it would be good to review some of them for the benefit of the traveling public.

This is a totally faked travel photo. Never been to Paris.

Having decided that, the question was, what to call it. Travel and travel related blogs are everywhere, so I needed a name that wasn’t already taken, and that would properly sum up my criteria – the product needed to have functional value even if you don’t travel. I stumbled across the word “velleity,” which became the name for my new blog.

What does that obscure word mean? Velleity (pronounced veh-LEE-it-ee) means “volition in its weakest form” which sounds iffy. But from my standpoint, it just means, Maybe you want to travel, and maybe you don’t. Either way, this product may be good for you to know about. And besides, you just learned a new word, so YAY!

It is catchy (just keep saying it to yourself, and it’ll be your new favorite earworm) and nobody else had it, so I hope it catches on.  Meanwhile, please check out the first installment: https://gear.travel.blog/2019/05/21/bugged-by-mosquitoes-proven-works/

Let me know what you think.






Author: nickpattersonfreelance

I'm a professional reporter, writer, editor, teacher, storyteller. A former travel and features editor for Southern Living, I started Velleity because people keep offering me travel stuff and you may as well benefit from it.

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